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Saturday Centus: Living the Dream

I missed the Centus last week, but hope to make up for it this week. Jenny Matlock has given us another great prompt to play with. You really should visit her site, it’s worth the trip. If you just want to check up on this weeks entries to Saturday Centus, click right HERE.

The rules change each week, which is part of the fun. This week, we are given a prompt, to be included in the body of the text, and we have 100 words, exactly 100 words, no more, no less, in which to write our tale. We must include the prompt within that word count. Interesting, yes? Jenny loves to challenge us. I had a little fun with this week, tried to keep it PG, hope I didn’t step beyond, it’s hard to tell these days…

This week’s Prompt:

I’m living the dream, man

Living the Dream (exactly 100 words)


“I’m living the dream, man.”  Paul took a drag from the reefer and passed it to Gary.

“So you say.” Gary took a long hit. He was getting tired of Paul’s broken record. Living the dream, far out, big effing deal.

Paul droned on, “Yeah man, I mean lookit this, a cool pad, all the weed I wanna smoke, wide-screen tv, the latest vid games, a music system to die for. I mean I’m living the effing dream man, pinch me if I’m wrong.”

Gary pinched him.

Paul poofed out of sight.

Gary smiled. Now this was living the dream.



My Writerly Space

Madison Woods posted a fun little idea on her blog, about  “Writerly Spaces”.  She showed us a picture of her writing space, and asked for us to join in and show ours. I love this kind of thing.  Just as I enjoy seeing people’s computer “desktops”, you know on the screen. It’s interesting to see where people sit when they are writing, or doing artwork or whatever, and I think it’s often a reflection of their personality.

Anyway, here is my little corner of the world where I spend most of my day, leaning back in the chair, a pillow behind my neck,  with my feet up on the desk and the keyboard in my lap, mouse to the side.  It’s comfortable, and it allows me to stay attached to two extraordinary worlds – my inner creative world, and the WWW world where I’ve met so many interesting people.

For those whose eyes aren’t so good (yes, it’s your eyes, not my shaky handed photography, lol) the page on the left screen is the one linked to Madison’s page from the beginning of this post. I’m not sure what’s on the right screen, I think I still had my email open.

I like having plenty of room, though I admit the desk is usually a bit more cluttered than that. I have a Real-estate agent coming this afternoon, so I had to clean up a bit. (Perfect timing Madison, I actually look like I’m halfway neat!)  😉

To be honest, I haven’t been back into writing long, only since I started these blogs and found the writing challenges. My more recent interests have been in the area of digital art, and if you can’t tell, that’s what those magazines on the shelves are about. But regardless, this is my universe, whether I’m writing, or drawing or checking on friends, this is where I am.

So, where are you? I’d love to see it. Click on Madison’s link above and leave a link to a post where you show your little writing corner. You can leave it in my comments too if you wish. It’s fun to see, so go ahead, show me who you are by giving me a glimpse of your writing space. I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

Saturday Centus: Goodbye

Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus time again. Click the link to see this week’s responses. I’ve been running behind on commenting so forgive me if I don’t get to yours right away, these 2 weeks are a bit on the busy side.

This week’s phrase: Saying goodbye was harder than she thought. That’s 7 words, so we have 107 words to post. Mine follows below and I’ll be reading yours as I can.

Goodbye  107 words.


“Push!” the nurse insisted.

Kyla held her breath and pushed. It lasted an eternity. Finally she heard the tiny wailing voice and her breath whooshed out.

A mere glimpse, then the nurse turned away. “It’s a boy.” she said to the waiting couple. Kyla’s heart bounced around in joy and sorrow, as they murmured their pleasure.

“Please,” Kyla said. “Let me see him. Just once.”

The nurse put him into her arms. He stared up at her as if in recognition.  Saying goodbye was harder than she thought.

Her heart wrenched with unimaginable love. Tears filled her eyes, and dripped onto his soft cheek.

Barely a whisper: “Goodbye.”


Saturday Centus: the chair

Jenny Matlock is at it again with this week’s Saturday Centus.

She included a picture in this one, but allowed that we might use other chairs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the chair I used in my 100 word story, so I will have to ask for your indulgence on that. The phrase is six words, so we are allowed a total of 106 words for our story.

This week’s Prompt:

The chair dominated the small room

The Chair  106 words


The chair dominated the small room, taking up a good portion of the free space to the right of the bed. It was soft and worn, the cushioned seat molded by years of use, a mirror of her buttocks and back.. Now visitors sat in it, and found it uncomfortable, as if its form rejected them, still waiting for her to come and sit, read a book, dream a dream, as she had so often.

And then the waiting was over. She called the nurse to her, asked her to help her to the chair. She sank into its welcoming embrace one last time, and smiled.