Writing is what I do. Writing is who I am. Without writing, I would be lost.

So here I am, with yet another blog,this one dedicated to my first love – the love of writing.

I hope to join in with many of the other writers on here, not to explore my philosophies or blog in a journalistic fashion, but rather to work on specific exercises in creative writing. I see there are occasional challenges around the blogs, and will be primarily participating in those, or finding inspiration for other creative works. Who knows, maybe even a poem here and there.

Writing is in my blood, and though all of my blogs include writing, only this one is about writing.

You probably won’t see many pretty pictures on here – most pictures in this blog will be the kind that spring up in the imagination. I figure if anything I write eventually creates a picture for you, then I’m doing okay. But it’s not really about you, dear readers. It’s about me, who I am, what I must do.

I must write.

And so it is.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by procrastin8or on March 24, 2012 at 12:24

    This is an interesting site with lots of links to useful flash fiction sites. Keep it up!


  2. Thank you so much, I take that as a great complement. I hope to see you joining in on some more of the challenges as they are great fun. I’m happy to have you stop by anytime, and hope to see more of your writing. 🙂


  3. I will aspire to be your “evil” twin. I am an infant in the writing world, but I feel that I love it, and want it running through my veins, just as much as you. I would like to follow you, as I think I could learn a lot. You are an amazing writer. Thanks for recently stopping by my “Saturday Centus” post about Snow White. I was feeling very silly that morning, and this is what rolled off my fingers.

    Hope you have a great week!



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