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100 Word Challenge – Leap

Okay, I kind of forgot part f the prompt when I wrote this, When Julia posted this weeks 100 Word Challenge, she mentioned Leap Year, and then said the Topic theme is a Leap of Faith. Well, it’s been a rather hectic week for me and as I was thinking about the prompt,  all I remembered was the Leap Year part. Since it’s not required to use the exact phrase, I figured maybe I can get away with it. 😉 Besides, the little tale I tell does involve a kind of leap of faith – isn’t that what most marriages are? you bought her what

Topic: Leap of Faith.

And so she leapt… 104 words


They were married on February 29. He gave her diamond earrings, and whispered in her ear, “Every anniversary will be diamonds.”

She laughed and said, “Lucky for you it’s only on Leap Years.”

On their first anniversary he gave her a diamond pendant. On their second, a ring with 3 diamonds, one for each child.

On their third anniversary he gave her an empty jewelry box. “For the diamonds,” he said. “With 4 kids we just can’t afford any more.”

On their fourth anniversary he bought a diamond bracelet  for his mistress.

On their fifth anniversary she bought herself diamonds with the settlement money.



Saturday Centus: the chair

Jenny Matlock is at it again with this week’s Saturday Centus.

She included a picture in this one, but allowed that we might use other chairs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the chair I used in my 100 word story, so I will have to ask for your indulgence on that. The phrase is six words, so we are allowed a total of 106 words for our story.

This week’s Prompt:

The chair dominated the small room

The Chair  106 words


The chair dominated the small room, taking up a good portion of the free space to the right of the bed. It was soft and worn, the cushioned seat molded by years of use, a mirror of her buttocks and back.. Now visitors sat in it, and found it uncomfortable, as if its form rejected them, still waiting for her to come and sit, read a book, dream a dream, as she had so often.

And then the waiting was over. She called the nurse to her, asked her to help her to the chair. She sank into its welcoming embrace one last time, and smiled.


Flash Friday: Green

It’s time for Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers to submit this week’s entry. If you’ve never participated, check out the link for the rules. Basically, each Wednesday we get a photo prompt that is intended to inspire us to write 100 words. On Friday Madison posts her own creative input, and we are invited to post links to our creative efforts in the Comments section. You can find this week’s offerings HERE.

This week’s photo:

My entry: Green – 100 words


Karen swept the bone fragments off to the side, making room for a fire near the entrance of the cave. It would be chilly tonight. Mark was collecting wood. There was plenty of that around, dead trees with brittle branches, dry and fast to flame.

Their daughter Mira sat looking through a book. There had been a library at the last town they’d passed through. They had stayed a week, searching the town, hoping to find survivors…

“Mama, what’s green?” Mira asked.

Karen looked out at the grey and brown desolation. “Maybe someday we’ll be able to show you, honey.”


100 Word Challenge – Flip Side

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups, –  100WCGU – for short, is a bit different this week. Rather than an exact phrase, it’s a topic. And the topic is “the flip side”, but the exact words do not have to be used, we just have to think in terms of flipping and see what happens. Click on the emblem below to go see what others are doing with this at Julia’s Place. And Julia, thanks again for hosting this! My entry this week isn’t that original, but once the idea hit, I couldn’t find a different one. (Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.) Still, I hope you enjoy. I felt it was time for a light touch.

you bought her whatthe flip side

A Big Decision – 100 words


“Maybe we should just flip a coin.”

“What, are you crazy? This is important.

“I know, but we’ve been arguing for days now, and neither one of us is going to budge. I just want it decided.”

“Yes, but I’m the one who will be taking care of –”

“–that’s not fair,  and you know it. We’re in this together. At least flipping a coin will give us equal odds.”

“Well…  okay. But I get heads. Just… oh, go ahead, flip it already.”



“Heads! I won!”

“Dammit.  Okay, you won fair and square. We’ll get a cat.”


Saturday Centus: 6 words

Well, this week Jenny has brought us a tough one. Instead of the usual 100 word challenge for the Saturday Centus, she is giving us only six words to write our autobiography!

Judee: 6 words

beat cancer … still alive … ’nuff said


And a little advice for everyone:

Life is Now. Above all, Enjoy!


Flash Friday: Alive

It’s Friday, and that means Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers are writing again. Each Wednesday Madison posts a photo prompt for us to write about. The only limit is, no more than 100 words. Then, on Friday, she posts her own flash fiction and we comment and leave our links for others to read. Madison’s page and all the other entries can be found HERE, so go take a look. If you want to try it yourself, check the rules on the FF link above.  This week’s photo:

My entry, 100 words:



Her senses were alive with contrast;  hot sun on her face,  icy cold water rushing over her bare feet, the rock’s warmth seeping through the fabric of her jeans, cool breeze caressing her cheeks.

Her mind was alive with contrast: Divorce papers / freedom papers; I’ve never lived on my own / maybe it’s time;  I’ll need a job / I’ll find a job;  I’ll never manage / yes I will;  

Her heart was alive with contrast; hot stabs of anger, icy chill of panic, warm rush of hope, cool splash of joy. Free at last?  Yes, and even better –



Saturday Centus

Well, I’m late as usual, don’t know why I can’t seem to keep to a schedule, after all, these things don’t take long to write, right? Just a hundred words. Ah, but reading the others after, that does take time, and is half the fun. This week was a tough one for me, not that I didn’t have the idea, just that I had no idea how to fit it into 100 words (plus 6 for the prompt) But I did it, 106 words.

To find the others, and see what this weekly challenge is all about, click on the image below and go visit the other Saturday Centus hosted by Jenny Matloc at her inspirational blog.

This week’s prompt: “the wedding was at the firehouse


The wedding was at the firehouse.

The bride was dressed in black.

Mac’s family of firefighters were in full uniform, standing in two rows, a walkway for the bride. Friends and family sat in the front, sympathy on their faces. Karen braced herself, then walked down that solemn aisle. No music played.

At the front, the Fire Chief took her hand and spoke, “Mac loved Karen more than life –”

The fire alarm wailed through the firehouse.

The Chief’s voice rose urgently above it. “In front of these witnesses, I hereby declare them husband and wife.”

Family wept.

The firemen rushed out.

Life goes on.